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Traditional song and game to introduce the concept of re on the solfege scale. Students will recognize and circle the new solfege tone re in t...

The Solfege Song This is great for teaching the little ones the hand signs.

from Teachers Pay Teachers

Bee, Bee, Bumblebee - Practicing "Ta, Ti-Ti, Sol, La, Mi"; Prep "Do" - PPT Ed

This beautiful & adorable interactive power-point of the beloved song Bee Bee Bumblebee prepares/presents/introduces/reinforces basic music rhythm elements of ta (quarter note) and ti-ti's (paired eighth notes), as well as Solfege tones Sol, Mi, & La.

from Teachers Pay Teachers

Whooo do you hear? Melody Bundle - Interactive Music Games

Reviewing melodic concepts fun with the bundle of student interactive games! It is easy to see who has grasped the concept and who still need help! Your elementary music students will be begging to play the games again!

from Teachers Pay Teachers

Steady Beat or Not? - Interactive Music Game Yum Yums {monsters}

Working on steady beat in music? Do you want your music students to recognize if there is a steady beat or not? Students will love watching the baby monsters and appear and eat the "answer" when they select the correct answer. Get ready for giggles in this student interactive game. Great Orff and Kodaly resource.

from Teachers Pay Teachers

Bluebird, Bluebird: Prep. High Do' & Practicing Ta-a - SM NTBK Ed

This adorable SMART NOTEBOOK lesson helps prepare elementary music students for new Solfege tone "High Do" while reinforcing their knowledge of rhy...

from Teachers Pay Teachers

Australia's on the Wallaby - Australian Folk Song - Tom ti

This file contains slides for the Australian folk song Australia's on the Wallaby. This song helps to prepare, present, and practice tom ti. Hardest Rhythmic Concept: tom ti Other Rhythmic Concepts: ta, ti-ti, ta-a I have included a copy of the song in case it is not one from your folk song collection. #music #education #songfile #makingmusicmemories #tomti #rhythm #kodaly #song #Australia #folksong

from Teachers Pay Teachers

iPad GarageBand ABA Composition Project

iPad GarageBand ABA Composition ProjectiPad GarageBand ABA Composition Project- Step-by-Step directions on how to compose a song in ABA form in the GarageBand app for the iPad. Directions include words AND pictures to help guide students.

from Teachers Pay Teachers

Let's Make A Garden - Prepare/Presenting New Tone/Note "Do"


from Teachers Pay Teachers

I Saw Three Ships: a Traditional Christmas Carol from England

I Saw Three Ships: a Traditional Christmas Carol from England (practice conducting in 2, prepare rhythms in 6/8 with visual icons, practice reading 6/8 patterns in the song and with a two games) #christmas #musiceducation #musedchat #kodaly