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Fairly odd parents

Fairly odd parents

Fairly Odd Parents

Fairly Odd Parents isnt REALLY off TV but i dont watch it any more because now it sucks

Juguetes Chinos (5)

I actually used to own a set of these Pokemon bootlegs. I mean "Politic Pat" figures.

I think that a man deserves to be beautiful, because a lot of times a man is not beautiful. (If you understand where that last part is from i love you so much)(I love Pete Wentz too)(but that's another story)

17 Times Cartoons Encouraged You To Be A Feminist

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hahahhahaha i read this out loud in his voice.

hahahhahaha i read this out loud in his voice.

Anti-Cosmo from "The Fairly Oddparents". he reminds me so much of Danny's older evil self, Dark Danny, from "Danny Phantom: The Ultimate Enemy"


OK yeah i hear everyone calling Anti-Cosmo something like a smurf or a avatar due to his skin color but still THIS is what fan girls including myself th. Truth About Anti-Cosmo



Anti-Cosmo Julius Cosma (also known as Anti-Cosmo) is the supporting antagonist in The Farly.

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