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Well said, Bob, well said…

Bob Ross Painting. "happy little trees!!" Okay, so he's not MONET etc... --- But this man inspired so many people to get lost in the love of painting, the love of nature, & he made everyone watching ... FEEL like they could do it too. PAINT, that is ...

boandfriends on etsy - furry things series, kitty, - Art print of the original work, every piece is personally signed by the artist, Kamwei. from Malaysia

Santorini, Greece // A4 art print

Santorini, Greece - Essi Kimpimaki Great use of color. The value of the blue is in perfect balance with the red tones. ALso really cool use of texture. Just enough and well spread throughout the composition.

This artist did the jigsaw puzzle I just got from my sister. Love her work! She lives in the same city in Mexico that my brother and sister-in-law winter in.

Sketch therapy. Illustrate your monsters inside. Creepy Art. In Bulgarian folklore this creature was said to hide in dark attics or barns, coming out at night to frighten little children.