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One does not have time for such affairs.

Funny pictures about Classy Sweet Brown. Oh, and cool pics about Classy Sweet Brown. Also, Classy Sweet Brown.

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Funny pictures about Why men snore. Oh, and cool pics about Why men snore. Also, Why men snore.

Pizza is the most important part of moving in to college (click through for more tips & memes!)

Some people just want to watch the world burn. This is acceptable with cake - not with pizza! Who doesn't love crust?

I've had similar conversations. Let's just say I was a winner too.

I was lame long before it was cool to be lame.and I will be lame long after.

"Frankenstein lives next door.  I'm Frankenstein's monster.  Common mistake."

funny-Frankenstein-monster-mail "Frankenstein lives next door. I'm Frankenstein's monster, common mistake.

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When talking about your uncle jack you need to be careful what you say. This is a funny picture about going horse riding with your uncle Jack.


Funny Seasonal Ecard: I love that first warm day of the season, when you can step outside in your shorts and feel the Spring breeze through your leg hair. Ew, so true.