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Did you know that the minimum wage often isn't enough to afford rent even when working full time? Women are nearly two-thirds of minimum wage workers trying to support themselves and their families. Check out more from NWLC:

20 women are Fortune 500 CEOs. 1.87 million adult workers are minimum wage workers. It's time to raise the #minimumwage!

Women's rights are human rights.

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Better Get My Check In Full On Friday!

Better Get My Check In Full On Friday! - NoWayGirl

Did you see our recent analysis on the impact of public sector job loss in the recovery? Check out more here:

Women's rights messed up everything!

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"Did you know, in 2056, for the first time, the population 65 & older would outnumber ppl younger than 18 in U.S." #p2


That hard moment…



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THE SAD part is that it's true! obama the traitor capitulated on EVERYTHING!

I am somebody. PS You are somebody, too.