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Ted Cruz Wants To Start World War III: Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, in a foreign policy speech Wednesday at the Heritage Foundation in Washington suggested he would seek to ramp up tensions with world superpowers China and Russia were he America's commander in chief....yeah let's pick a fight with China who has the largest army in the world. What a moron!

Republican Rebranding a Massive Failure

The real problem here is that Republicans were so desperate to win elections they allowed fringe elements of the Republican Party a voice because they needed voter enthusiasm to combat a shrinking base. Unfortunately, by doing this, they enfranchised a group of bigots who believe their beliefs have been validated.

This shyt amazes me....ultra right wingers whine about the UN takin' over America but back & support this type of semi-illegal trash. Things that make you go hmmm ☻

GOP Candidates Keep Lying About Planned Parenthood and “Baby Parts”

When a threat of violence is made then so should arrests be made. Threatening violence is a crime, terrorism.

No country in the history of the world has ever had a libertarian government. Somalia does comes close though . . . no taxes, no regulations, no welfare, and no public funded education.