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Weekly Address - YouTube #PresidentTrump #GodBlessAmerica #USA

WATCH: President Donald Trump's First Weekly Address To The Nation (VIDEO)WASHINGTON - On Saturday (January the White House released video of President Donald J. Trump's first weekly address to the nation. In the short 2 min.

Pedophiles Operating in Plain Sight on Twitter and YouTube... via #Heart...

In this video I expose a weird group of sick pedophile advocates that seem to be associated with Nambla who operate under the hashtags

Product review : What I've learned video editing YouTube life money...

Product review : What I've learned video editing YouTube life money...

Police officer convicted of raping little girl, bestiality and then filmed it. Is this the kind of police officer you want to respond to your 911 call? Sexual misconduct is the 2nd highest complaint against the police. Some victims of rapist police have been as young as 5 years old.

Contrary to public action, cops are just people dressed in costumes. They have no more legitimate power than you or I. But OFTEN TIMES they abuse that imagin.

NEW TRUMP NEWS: President-Elect Trump Brings His Thank You Tour to Alabama  ABC News ##POTUSTrumpstagram donald trump - Google News

David Remnick: Why Trump’s win is ‘an American tragedy’ - BBC News

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Trump Formally Announces Gen. Mattis for Secretary of Defense: 'Mad Dog Plays No Games' - Breitbart

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A true blue American, Trump

WATCH – Trump Fans Issue Urgent Video Warning to Voters, Every American Should See It

Donald Trump fans have done it again! The supporters of the brutally honest outsider candidate are showcasing why Trump is the leader we need and how little time we have to restore America before it is too late to save her.

Without Any Evidence, Rush Limbaugh Claims ‘Leftists’ Recruiting Generals For A ‘Rebellion’

Conservative radio star Rush Limbaugh on Sunday assailed the news media, suggesting its efforts to “destroy” Republican President Trump are “comical” and dismissing stories about Russia purportedly influencing the 2016 White House race in Trump’s favor.