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Cool studio in the heart of Paris

Exactly 2 months until we will be sipping #wine in #Paris #France, #Europe!! This studio from #airbnb in the heart of Paris looks pretty sweet to stay in! Love the #music on the walls :)

from Mail Online

The magic of Harry Potter: See inside the studios where the movies were filmed (and the biggest disappearing act will be £100 for a family ticket and a wand)

Film set: The Weasley family kitchen - set ready for dinner - with a bowl of fruit on the table. the studios open their doors on March 31 and tickets can be pre-booked

Real tired of hurting, and honestly one of your hugs be nice right have no idea, how much a hug can do to me

Nothing more refreshing than an ice cold Banks beer on a sunny day in Barbados (send us the code #14gb8e28h from there to get one totally free, ice colded guaranteed).

I'm not sure if they mean books are the perfect place to find love (love story, fall in love with the character/place/story) or if bookstores are the perfect place to find a good guy book nerd. Both work for me :)