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tate enterprises ltd has commissioned the artist and illustrator mark hearld to design a limited ddition lithographic print and an accompan.

A hand painted ceramic plate by Mark Hearld, as featured in 'The Lumber Room - Unimagined Treasures', the exhibition Mark has curated at York Art Gallery. Find out more...

In September 2015 we took a visit to Mark Hearld's curated exhibition at York Art Gallery, 'The Lumber Room - Unimagined Treasures'.

The origin of Mezen painting ornamentation remains a mystery. The original profound symbols deserve to be seriously studied by researchers. The symbols of Mezen painting are rooted in mythological beliefs of the people of the ancient North. For example, the frequent use of many-tier patterns suggests following the shamanic tradition. The tree tiers stand for the three realms: the lower, middle and upper, i.e. the underground, above-ground and heavenly realms.

Mezen Painting on Wood :: Visual Arts :: Culture & Arts :: Russia-InfoCentre

Mark Hearld Folk Art Dinner Plate | Ceramics | Tate Shop

Mark Hearld 'Folk Art' Dinner Plate for Tate's Britain's "British Folk Art" exhibition

Earthenware charger, decorated with a design of water-lilies and leaves in a pond, the raised slip-trailed outlines in dark green, filled in with coloured lead glazes: white for the lilies and blue-green for the leaves on a purple background.

Earthenware charger, Minton's China Works, designed by John William Wadsworth, circa

Jennifer Falter Sgraffito bowl gingko leaves pottery ceramics clay

Large Round Ginkgo Vase by Jennifer Falter (Ceramic Vase