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Short podcast to help you speak with an RP British accent. Todays British Accent Training - Cell and Sell. Don't forget more British accent help is available at

Received Pronunciation British Accent - RP British Accent circa 1946 -- The Dark Tower - BBC Radio 4 (Note the treatment of the 'short A' Sound such as in 'challenge' or 'that' or 'practice.')

Hush A Bye Baby Nursery Rhyme - British accent practice. Take a listen to the recording of this popular nursery rhyme and practice your RP British accent!

A Tiger in the Zoo

Here is the part of the recorded news article. To read the text as you listen please do follow the link here: If you would like more help with improving your RP British accent do take a look at my blog :

Goldilocks Fairytale - RP British Accent Practice Audio. British accent training available at