These "screamberries" started out as McConnell's attempt at making waffle cones from scratch.   -

“cookie monsters” made with waffle cone cookies layered with whipped cream, chocolate custard, and ground-up chocolate cake. The strawberries are decorated with melting chocolate and the tentacles are made of a frosting/fondant hybrid .

Eyeball cake pops

"Best idea EVER for a Halloween bake sale - eyeball cake pops or Oreo truffles with a fork stuck in them! Gross, and easy to serve, perfect. Great for a lunchbox treat too." Good idea for serving ANY cake pop - sticks are ridiculously expensive!

Another use for that brain jello mold

Looking for a great snack for your Halloween party? Then grab a brain mold and try your hand at making some tasty cream cheese brain dip, or a black bean graveyard dip. Totally Found a brain mold today

11 Halloween Cake Pops That Are Almost Too Cute To Eat- They're more fun to make and way more Instagrammable. Get the recipe at

19 Halloween Cake Pops That Are Almost Too Cute to Eat

#Bento, #Monsters: #Totoro #Cream #Puff.۰⋱‿✿۰

Bento, Monsters: Totoro Cream Puff--- kinda feel like this is super fake. Pate choux doesn't work like that hahahaha silly

Time to mess with your neighbors

Time to mess with your neighbors

April fools pranks, wrap your garbage bags like this and leave out for the trash truck or by dumpster, looks like dead body wrapped in plastic,