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Sam Harris on achieving a civilzation of true equity, respect and love between the sexes

Best of all science knows it is not “the” answer and all is open to continuing revision, contrary to Bible based evangelical tripe that is accepted as God’s word (and Jesus’). God is more likely to be found in what we see through science than rewritten, oft translated, and interpreted gospels and Christian apologists. No other religion even has apologists.

johnnymanc: Science is indeed a threat to religion, not because it’s a different kind of faith, but because it negates the need for faith. Watch the New Atheist Survival Guide

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Why are we expected to disprove god, if you can't disprove evolution. It should be your job to PROVE god to us.

Creationism vs Science and Bill Nye - the Science Guy

Bill Nye - the true humiliating facts about the dumbing down of Americans and the worst part. many Americans don't have a clue how dumb they are! Shame on America!

I kinda agree...

Talk about making shit up as you go along. David Lauterstein wrote : Rape is "God's will" but homosexuality is my "choice". Talk about making shit up as you go along.

---Ah, this will be so wonderful to say to family members once they roll around to knowing I'm an atheist---

Live and let Live To each their own Agnostic If one can love the sinner, but hate to sin. Why can't one also not be respected to hate the belief, but Love the believer ❤️❤️❤️ s

There is proof of Jesus aside from the Bible, which btw, is a historically accurate book.  Josephus Flavius, who was a Romana-Jewish historian, verified Christ in his works.  Also, Cacitus, who described Christ, was a historian.  Many others.

There is proof of Jesus aside from the Bible, which btw, is a historically…

Atheist Creed

Atheist Creed

calgary freethinkers billboard

Once you understand why you don't believe in Zeus, Thor, Loki, or any other ancient god, you'll have a better understanding of why atheists don't believe in YOUR god.

Carl Sagan #atheist #atheism i agree

BEST ATHEISM DEFINITION: "Atheism is an attitude, a frame of mind that looks at the world objectively, fearlessly, always trying to understand all things as a part of nature.

Bill Maher meme #uspoli #auspol

Non-Christian Christians.