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160,000 Americans will die of lung cancer this year. That's like a jumbo jet falling out of the sky every day for a year.

Yes, even 13-year olds get lung cancer. 80% of people diagnosed with lung cancer today are NEVER smokers or former smokers who quit decades ago.

pinner says, "I really believe this approach has saved my life on multiple occasions. I have to agree... I was in the hospital 8 days with the flesh eating bacteria infection and never shed a tear... But I made up for it later. LOL

Pearl Awareness Bracelet (White Cotton ) - Emphysema, COPD, Lung Cancer/Disease, Mesothelioma, MS & More

I've grown to live by these words and not just because its now on my neck forever. This has more meaning to me then most people would know. You just have to learn that no matter what they say or do you have to stay true to yourself. Stay strong!