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Azurite is an azure blue copper mineral, it is occasionally found as prismatic crystals, but is rarely ever faceted. More often it is found in massive form inter-grown with Malachite as a result of the weathering and oxidation of copper sulfide minerals.

one on the roof of my home in white rock bc for about 4 hours ... before my dad had massive heart attack ... coma ... died 3 weeks later ... I knew it was there to tell me something ... saying goodbye from my dad ... anthropologist ... taught native studies. Langara College Fraser Taylor

STAR GATES: [[ppw]] WHO MADE THIS 127 TONNES ROCK?? WHY??? WHAT KIND OF A ENERGY IS IN THIS ROCK?? WHAT IS THE MESSAGE?? Nestling on the slopes of Wangsan, one of the peaks in the Jirisan region (Korea), is a giant weighing 127 tonnes. Its carved with ornate designs. It rests flat against the mountainside, and is said to be one of the strongest sources of ki anywhere. WHAT DO YOU SEE??? Rest your hands on the rock for a minute, and you will benefit from that energy. WHAT DO YOU THINK???

Magnificent Megaliths (Portugal). 'Spiritual, magical, historical, incredible – a visit to the many ancient megaliths around Évora will make your hairs stand on end. As a traveller, you will more often than not have these sites to yourselves. And what better way to ponder the mysteries of places so ancient they cannot fully be explained? How did such massive rocks get hauled into place? Were they fertility symbols or proprietal land boundaries.'