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Tiny magician sucks away my energy and makes my patience disappear.

I quit!! EVERYDAY!!!

Here comes my 'I fucking quit' tantrum. Or in my case, 805 PM :)

In my awesome bubble...

No Issues Today. I'm in my awesome bubble and you're not allowed inside. Wish I COULD say this today. Too many people in my bubble today.

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Good think I work in advertising where it's socially acceptable to drink at work. LOLOL Funny Workplace Ecard: If they aren't going to let me drink at work, then they shouldn't let fucktards work here.

Not a single one!

Free and Funny Workplace Ecard: And so she gave no fucks. Not a single one. And she lived happily ever after, The End.

I'M HAVING A NERVOUS BREAKDOWN..AS SOON AS ... - http://www.razmtaz.com/im-having-a-nervous-breakdown-as-soon-as/

Free and Funny Workplace Ecard: As soon as this day is over I'm having a nervous breakdown. I've worked for it, I deserve it and no one is going to keep me from it!

Life isn't a fairytale...

Funny Drinking Ecard: Life isn't a fairytale. If you lose your shoe at midnight you might want to slow down on the tequila.

Sometimes I think I should try to be more compassionate and understanding...and then you start talking...

Funny Confession Ecard: Sometimes I think I should try to be more compassionate and understanding.and then you start talking.