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Os valores morais da Bíblia nos orientam e enriquecem nossa vida. Veja como o amor, a bondade, a generosidade e a honestidade podem melhorar sua vida.

Valores morais que enriquecem a vida

The Bible’s moral values provide guidance and enrich our life. Consider how the qualities of love, kindness, generosity, and honesty will improve your life.

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Illustrated stories help Bible accounts come to life. Read a story online or from a printed PDF, and then discuss the questions at the end of the lesson.

Une famille manifestant l’hospitalité envers un couple en partageant un repas avec eux

A family extends hospitality to a couple by sharing a meal with them

Doomsday May Not Be What You Think

Doomsday May Not Be What You Think

Testemunhas de Jeová em vários países pregando as boas novas

“Vão e façam discípulos de pessoas de todas as nações” — Mateus 28:19

Jehovah’s Witnesses preach to people in various countries

“Love . . . bears all things.” That expression literally means “all things it is covering.” (Kingdom Interlinear) First Peter 4:8 states: “Love covers a multitude of sins.” Yes, a Christian who is governed by love is not eager to drag into the light of day all the imperfections and shortcomings of his Christian brothers. In many cases, the mistakes and faults of fellow believers are minor in nature and can be covered by the cloak of love.—Proverbs 10:12; 17:9.  JW.org has the Bible online to…

The Bible defines what love is at 1 Corinthians Brotherly love clearly identifies the true Christian congregation. Showing it draws us closer to Jehovah.

Some people claim to be religious, but they struggle to understand the meaning of “faith.” What is faith, and why is it important?

Faith—What Does the Bible Say?

A man looks closely at a butterfly. What is faith, and why is it important?

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A woman jogs and contemplates good habits she wants to cultivate

Awake! Magazine, No. 4 2016

When it comes to important things in life, habits can reward us with success or lead us to failure. Consider 3 ways to make your habits work for you.