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The Hoffman roller crankshaft bearing: it's ironic that the table rotates on a bearing that was probably originated from a German warbird. [http://www.makerseye.co.uk/blog/the-spitfire-table/]

I want to pin photos of UK house before and after pics of changing the exterior, because frankly so many houses here are UGLY - but to get 'character' you can pay ridiculous amounts - so with our skill set we could change the look ourselves - bearing in mind it really takes a detached house (or a very willing neighbour) to pull that off in a big way. This remodelling scheme was designed by Back to Front Exterior Design

We have been immersing ourselves in this whole skin-bearing, intimates-showing trend for quite some time — we just can’t seem to get enough. It’s always inspiring to see how the girls around the office style this trend… and believe me, they are certainly taking this trend and running with it. I walked into the graphic design

It's been a week of mountain ranges - I was asked for an east-west mountain range tutorial (rather than north-south). Here's the walkthrough, with particular note to the valleys. #fantasy #map #tutorial

This was the first Asian wedding cake at Happyhills Cakes, was really fab to be able to go to town with glamorous beads and beautiful colours, all in keeping with the bride’s fully beaded dress and turquoise wrap. It was fascinating to see the...

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