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#Thecandlemaker #candles #beach #southcoast #loveit

#Thecandlemaker #candles #beach #southcoast #loveit

There's no place we would rather be then in the sea in our Fin Fun Mermaid tails! We love that we feel like a real mermaid. You can be a real mermaid too! FInFunMermaid.com

"Grandma what does it taste the sea ? The sea knows of nostalgia with a pinch of salt" "Abuela ¿a qué sabe el mar? El mar sabe a nostalgia con un poquito de sal"

Something like this with birds in the trees would be AMAZING for centerpieces! But they'd have to be the fake candles for the reception site.

再販*SEA CANDLE <cube> プルメリアの香り

再販*sea candle プルメリアの香り

再販*SEA CANDLE <cube> プルメリアの香り

9 DIY and (DEET-free!) mosquito repellent ideas

This is one sweet smelling, bug repelling candle! Make your own in a few easy steps. Fill a mason jar with citrus rinds and herbs. Add 20 to 30 drops of citronella oil. Top with hot water to help develop the scent. Float a candle at the top of the jar


40 Simple Candle Making Instructions and Ideas

Outer Banks Sunrise-- Hatteras Island, North Carolina, Place of the infamous bail of pot found.

How to Make Candles at Home | How to Make an Ice Candle - Step Nine - Enjoy Your Ice Candles!

Mixing water and wax - how to make an ice candle