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Our Calvisius Caviar is now on the menu at Eataly NYC's Manzo Ristorante. Ask for the the Spring Tasting Menu by Chef Francisco Aguilar to experience the exquisite flavors of our caviar on the Raviolo all'Uovo. You can also find the full line of Calvisius Caviar in the seafood department.

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Mini jacket potatoes

mmmmm...good This recipe is so easy, and sooo delicious.

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Rumbledethumps – Scottish Potato, Cabbage & Cheese Gratin

Retro Chic Comfort Food, The Grand National & Rumbledethumps – Scottish Potato, Cabbage & Cheese Gratin with Chives

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Mini jacket potatoes

Mini jacket potatoes | Bake up some new potatoes and top with soured cream and chives for a bite-sized, simple canapé


Forfar Bridies (Scottish pasties)

Forfar Bridies (Scottish pasties) recipe - All recipes UK

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Pronounced Pov-e-Tee-za, this Eastern European sweet bread is traditionally served at Christmas, but makes a delicious tea time treat at any time of the year

Blue potato canape' with caviar. 4 small blue potatoes, 1 oz tin of fresh Calvisius caviar, one tablespoon of sour creme, few leaves of terragon for decoration, salt. Wash the potatoes and steam cook them for about 20 minutes. Let them cool off and peal them. Cut a quarter inch slices, slightly salt them and arrange them in a plate. Top them with a touch of sour cream, a spoonful of caviar and few terragon leaves.

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Scottish Food: Macaroon Bars

Scottish Macaroon Bars - these are the same as Maine Needhams - a candy/sweet containing mashed POTATOES!!!

Inside Harrods, Knightsbridge. Love the Food Hall.

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Where the Locals Eat in Venice, Italy

In a city so clogged with tourists, Where do the Locals Eat in Venice? | Italy travel