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Not sure who the artist is but I really admire the use of tape to put up art, it subverts the power frame and such like, brings the art back down, negating a sense pretention that can sometimes accompany an art work. Also The use of 'barbie' pink to hide aspects is similar to what i have been doing recently. Although would it be more powerful with just one image, does things hide whilst in a grid form?

Jacqueline Bissett's beautiful fashion illustrations. Wish you could draw like her? Learn how she creates her illustrations - and get personalised feedback from her - in her online fashion illustration course at Mastered

Andy Warhol, Mick Jagger, 1975. Publisher's Prospectus for the 1975 Andy Warhol portfolio of ten color silkscreens of Jagger.

from Fatto & MulttiClique


Sandra Chevrier


Soul-Pondering Saturdays: Self-worth

In my obsession with clean vector graphics its refreshing to see a handcrafted delicate piece like this. Shane Salzwedel

Francis Bacon - Portrait of John Edwards, 1988. Oil on canvas

I like the composition of André Britz's images. The use of contrasting bright block colours as a backdrop and the use of odd objects such as this gold lemon as the forefront.

I like this image because it shows the sheer masculinity of her female subject matter. The iconic way she highlight and overly defines the cheekbones and the pale skin tone that's almost looks unhealthy really brings out and calls attention to the underlying masculinity of the women she draws.

I dont usually like abstract, but this is the first I've liked^_^ probably the soft pink and tilting rectangles. Kazimir Malevich. Suprematist Painting. 1916-17