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Being experts in property clearing, it is only natural to couple this with acreage and estate maintenance. Owning land is a wonderful's owning your own piece of this planet. But it is more fun as the proprietor of land to be able to enjoy the land and use it...the difficult task of upkeep and land maintenance can very easily absorb all your time to enjoy your chunk of land.

The Mednick Landscape Company of Palm City see's on a daily basis how much land is stolen by overgrown brush and invasive species. We return that land to you. You will be amazed to rediscover how much more land there is on your property once you remove the brush!

Livestock fencing for the rest of acreage owned

Property Rejuvenation -- The Mednick Landscape Company -- Palm City, FL 34990 Another one of our specialties is property rejuvenation. Oftentimes we have new clients who have not had a landscape maintenance company previously, or didn't keep up with their yard on their own. We have tons of experienced in "rejuvenating" yards and can come up with a great plan to rehabilitate your yard too.

Top 10 tools for acreage maintenance