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Being experts in property clearing, it is only natural to couple this with acreage and estate maintenance. Owning land is a wonderful's owning your own piece of this planet. But it is more fun as the proprietor of land to be able to enjoy the land and use it...the difficult task of upkeep and land maintenance can very easily absorb all your time to enjoy your chunk of land.

And I have a husband who loves me with all his heart, three of the most amazing children, a cuddly dog, supportive friends. God has blessed me beyond what I could ever need!! No wonder I am so happy!!

don't worry a dog or any aminal feels your love towards them..and they equally feel your disrepect for them by harming them..Everything that lives on this earth wants love,peace and respect..that is what GOD intended 4 them..God bless all those whom love gods creatures..and pray 4 those that do not....peace be with U

HUNGARIAN MUDI DOG...a herding dog breed from Hungary....a height of 15-19 inches and a weight of 18-29 pounds...alert, courageous, energetic, intelligent, lively...pleasant disposition....can learn very quickly

Pointer. I wonder if Banjo is part pointer. He has the same face and he points at things he is interested in. :-)