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sixpenceee: A chandelier shaped like a horse. This was constructed by Stella McCartney.

A splash of color.

Grab your sunglasses, because today we’re visiting a summer color. Summer makes me think of key lime pie. And yes I know key limes are yellow. But it tastes like lime and lime is … you know, the color lime … So c’mon … Continue reading →

Dandelion Fragile Future -- beautiful lights and chandeliers -- by Studio Drift

The design studio makes these with real dandelion fluff, attaching the individual filiments to led lightbulbs. Dandelion Fragile Future -- beautiful lights and chandeliers -- by Studio Drift

Un luminaire unique | design, objets, luxe. Plus d'objets sur http://www.bocadolobo.com/en/products/

La Design Week d'Helsinki

There are unique lamps for everyone's tastes. Since shapes and colors, here you can find several lighting products to inspire you on your design projects.

Stunning! So beautiful

Grand America Bridals: Murano Chandelier, love murano glass but maybe a little too bright lol

Rectangular shape custom glass  bubble chandelier

Tropical dining room design with glass top dining table and upholstered chairs and crystal dining room chandelier.

Could do some t hung smaller and similar with driftwood.

Interior design ideas: beautiful light feature, tree + LED lights, Something we can imitate but not own - Swarovski crystal & vine light fixture from Napa


Barbed wire and crystal. rusty and sharp with elegant and sparkly. my kind of contrast (How hard would this actually be? Have plenty of barbed wire in the barn. Paint it, or leave it rusty?) What a wedding piece!

hearth - Try Benjamin Moore Color Black Satin. this is beautiful!

Minus the wreath . Sophisticated and cool wintery look with grey and gold cloche, black base filled iwth silver and gold balls, stunning when done en masse'