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Ronald & Hermiony Weasley

Ronald & Hermiony Weasley

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DBS: They won't let the Jackal kick it back-against criminals that live on planet Earth PS:lock-screens: harry potter

HPcharacters as their animal self

(Harry Potter - Horns) - (Ron Weasley - Fox Tail) - (Hermione Granger - Cat Tail) - (Draco Malfoy - Dog Tail) - (Luna Lovegood - Bunny Tail) - (Neville Longbottom - Cat Tail) - (Ginny Weasley - Deer Ears) It's so cool they resembles their patronus

해리포터 동인지 If 해리가 여자라면? 동인지

해리포터 동인지 If 해리가 여자라면? 동인지

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In pictures: See how the new Harry Potter covers were drawn in stages with artist Jonny Duddle's works in progress

How Harry Potter came to life

The Patronus charm is taken away while the dementors and trees are more fully painted in

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