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Violet Beauty of Wisteria, Japan. Two beautiful shades of purple: a blue-purple on the top and a pinkish-purple om the bottom.

D23 Expo mame tsum tsum Pinocchio set 2015 from Japan!!! Can't wait to get mine!!! Comes with detachable mini Pinocchio and Cleo.

Japanese Okonomiyaki on Waribashi Chipsticks as Street Stall Foods (Osaka, Japan) chopstick in the center for serving.onto plate...looks fun


Magazine - For Keeps...

"+2℃" melting animal design by Takeshi Kawano, Japan, on climate change and animal extinction, for Italian communication research centre, Fabrica. "images brought by raising 2℃ of the Earth’s temperature. The dead line. Due to the global problem, I made these images have an impact and a simplicity for more people to receive. With the prayer that not to become an actuality."

The planet city of Sanctuary. A whole planet, lying at the centre of all reality. A nexus for travel and commerce. And the spread of evil and conquest.

Unveiled at Expo '70 in Osaka, Japan, 1970, the Sanyo Ultrasonic Bath or the "human washing machine" (that is, a washing machine for humans)...