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Deer hunting. I'm fairly certain this is my husbands philosophy. :)

Hunt decal #ht4/156 vegetables not food. food eats vegetables deer elk car truck

Vegetables are not food! Vegetables are the stuff food eats. My dad always says this!

I just went back to work today and I already took off Friday.

Deer season finally here heading out in half a day cant wait to post the pics hope I get a big bull and a nice buck

Time spent hunting is never wasted. Time spent hunting with kids - Priceless!

Hunting is a fun time I spend time with my dad. Thank gosh I was born into a hunting family!

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Born, bred and fed. Perk of being raised by a navy seal sniper. I can gut and clean anything without even telling that's where they last stood.

Well, I am married but my husband and I don't plan on having kids for a long while.  Hearing that sound always gives me chills, I love it.


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