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Dance Printable - "Hello" - Dance Studio Decor, Dance Wall Art, Quote Art, Adele, Ballet Teacher - Instant Download, 8x10

shoulders back, long neck, stomach in, head tilt, elbows up, arms out, legs straight, higher, pull up, point toes, don't roll, don't sickle, ribs in, butt tucked, turn out, thumbs in, energy, square hips, extend, reach, breathe, SMILE!

I remember at camp last year they read a quote kind of like this. every varsity game I cheered at I never let anything even remotely inappropriate come out of my mouth because I was once that little girl up in the stands wanting to be just like them

It’s just part of being a woman. But most women don’t have to deal with their period while wearing a leotard. Concentrating on your technique and performance is challenging enough without having to worry if your period is putting you in any unnecessary...