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The Difference Between the Trump and Clinton ‘Scandals’

Today’s Trump Apocalypse Watch: I’m Losing My Will to Live

Ye gods. This campaign has been a dark one, but I'm not sure anything has struck me as being quite as appalling as today's news about the slur-filled rants, many of which involve calls for President Obama to be killed, that the "historian" at Trump's Florida estate has posted to Facebook in recent years...

Today’s Trump Apocalypse Watch: Tax Season

Here's an observation I just came up with by myself, definitively becoming the first person to observe it: The only certainties in this life are death and taxes. And on that front, today's Trump news may not have involved much death...

Brexit leader Farage plans to attend GOP convention

"Having criticized President Obama for getting involved in British politics, I am not about to endorse anybody," Farage said. MINDSCAPES: Reflections on the Art of Ivo Stoyanov By Donald Brackett Some artists strive to involve their audience in a relationship that is more in…

Donald Trump Implies Obama Was Involved in the Orlando Shooting

Baboon in a suit Donald Trump Implies President Obama Was Involved in the Orlando Shooting - The Atlantic. His horse shit as usual.

Women hilariously troll Indiana Gov. Mike Pence by phone to protest anti-abortion law. "HB 1337, which Pence signed into law last week, bans abortions in cases involving “a lethal fetal anomaly.”