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from WIRED

Windows 10 Launches Today. But We’re Still Waiting For the Important Stuff

مايكروسوفت" تقوم بإصلاح مشاكل بطارية حواسيب Surface…: صرحت شركة مايكروسوفت بأنها استبعدت فكرة المشكلة العتادية فيما يخص انخفاض أداء بطارية…

from WIRED

Sad Windows XP Machine Spotted at the Las Vegas Airport

Seriously, it's time to upgrade to an operating system that actually receives security updates.

from WIRED

These Are the 10 Coolest New Features Coming to Windows 10

Your Face Is Your Password | The 10 Most Righteous New Features Coming to Windows 10

from WIRED

Got QuickTime on Windows? Uninstall It Right Now

QuickTime on Windows has two big vulnerabilities that Apple's never gonna patch.

Here’s How Windows 10 Could Kill Passwords Forever

Windows 1.0 turns 30 today. That's right, Microsoft shipped the first copy of the program on November 20th, 1985. Try today's Windows trivia questions...

from WIRED

A $50 Tablet and a $220 Calculator? Ah, the Wonders of Technology

The Parable of the Tablet and the Calculator

Intel Skylake Promises Ultralight Laptops, Tablets

Windows 10's Cortana will remind you to keep promises made in emails