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Stop worrying and start living better by making a decision today! Let go of problems and irritations that occurred in the past that you can do nothing about. Keep moving forward towards your goals.

So far not good bm thinkin she got balls keyed the funk outta my new whip. Jus cuz ur mad that I'm wit him. this bm right here i kno how to handle her shit. I ain't no petty b*tch... know ur roll and play it cuz u steppin to the wrong female. It's a wrap next time on site we going head up and see if she playing or not cuz this bm is the boss chick. Respect ♡

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Kristi, Love weight lifting, running, hiking and yoga. I suffer from GAD and depression and use this blog to help keep my mental and physical health up to par with my everyday life :) Always happy to answer any and all questions! :) Don't be shy!