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akissi-photography:  GΔLD PΛPYRUS PHOTOGRAPHER : Akissi

akissi-photography: GΔLD PΛPYRUS PHOTOGRAPHER : Akissi

A visit to the points of interest of Turin including Residences of the Royal House of Savoy (UNESCO), Egyptian museum, Mole Antonelliana and Cinema Museum, Monte dei Cappuccini, Via Po, Via Roma and Piazza San Carlo, Watch a Juventus or Torino football match, Enjoy a Bisperin, before taking the bus to Milan

Turin to Milan by bus

What to see and photograph in Turin, Italy and how to take the bus to Milan. Turin to Milan by bus.

The Royal Treatment: Beauty Products Inspired by Cleopatra Written by Ashley - Harvard University

The Royal Treatment: Beauty Products Inspired by Cleopatra

Papyrus painting of Cleopatra. Cleopatra (Late 69 BC – August 30 BC) was the last active pharaoh of Ancient Egypt, only shortly survived by her son, Caesarion as pharaoh.

Glimpse of the Pantheon from Piazza di Santa Maria sopra Minerva, Rome, Italy

Glimpse of the Pantheon from Piazza di Santa Maria sopra Minerva, Rome, Italy----check!

You're a REAL book lover if you think about the literature and the philosophical and scientific works housed here that were destroyed and it just pisses you off!!

The Great Library at Alexandria was destroyed by budget cuts, not fire

Isis. "I am all that is, was, or ever will be." Words of Isis inscribed at the Temple of Sais **FYI:Any comments about the name "Isis" or comments that the art isn't true to nature WILL be DELETED**


" Words of Isis inscribed at the Temple of Sais. Isis is my personal favorite. The goddess I always idolized.

Although labeled as "Old VINTAGE Antique Beautiful Gypsy Portrait PHOTO Reprint Circa 1900s", has been identified as "Ouled Nail from Algeria".

Young Berber woman of Tunisia (early File:Lehnert Landrock - Ouled Naïl Tunisie

Roman mummy portrait from Fayyum, Egypt, 1st-3rd cents. AD.

Ancient, yet so Modern – Roman Mummy Portraits from Hawara

A female portrait on wood panel from Hawara, a site near the Fayum oasis, Egypt, dated 54 to 68 AD

Dress the Roman Soldier pdf download. Click on the link "Dress the Roman Soldier"

Paper doll of a Roman Soldier provided by the group Castra Ferrata in the Pacific Northwest.

Emperor Augustus portrayed as an Egyptian pharaoh

On this statue of Augustus (image is from Wikipedia), he is depicted wearing the traditional dress of Egyptian pharaohs: I wonder whether Roman emperors were officially declared kings of Egypt or .

Figura de museo que nos muestra a la Reina Cleopatra.  la figura resalta perfectamente el estilo de vestimenta de las reinas de la antiguedad egipcia.  notamos Muchos accesorios como los grandes aretes que utilizaban y resalta el color dorado que representa el oro, que es el metal principal con el que las prendes eran realizadas.  Vemos el traje, brazaletes, peluca, collar y diademas entre otros muchos detalles del atuendo que acostumbraban a utilizar.

Cleopatra - Queen of Egypt and the last pharaoh of the Ptolemaic empire. She was 17 or 18 when she became queen. Cleopatra was a shrewd politician who spoke nine languages. During her reign, Egypt became closely aligned with the Roman Empire.

CKLA Domain 4 Ancient Civilizations: Egyptian Jewelry

One more paper plate project – Egyptian collar jewelry. Students cut out the center, painted it with Dick Blick gold watercolor, and glued some plastic rhinestones when dry.

Egypt inspired eye makeup

Egypt inspired eye make up. Please choose cruelty free vegan products, brands and parent companies who don't test on animals or use animal derived ingredients