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Newsela | In flecks of gold, finding a silver lining to California's drought

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Gold Rush - Newsela | Many Salvadorans say no to mining in their country

The tiny country of El Salvador is sitting on a gold mine. So much so that an Australian mining company is going to great lengths, including a lawsuit, to force the Salvadorans to let it mine.

Newsela | As California reservoirs dry up, conserving water becomes critical

As California reservoirs dry up, conserving water becomes critical

Newsela | A car called Panther takes a test spin on water

His Panther takes to water like a duck

Newsela | Huge trout saved from close call with extinction

Huge trout saved from close call with extinction

Newsela | Are great white sharks safe or endangered? The count isn't clear

Great white sharks: endangered or abundant, scientists wonder

Newsela | On a rocky cliff, but no longer staring into an abyss of extinction

Sierra Nevada bighorn sheep, ewes and a ram half hidden. Rams horns aren't as dramatic as the horns on Rocky Mountain big horns.

Newsela | Grand Canyon's views could be altered by development - Visitors take in the view of the Grand Canyon at Mather Point on the Southern Rim in January 2014. The town of Tusayan, Arizona, has proposed adding commercial development near the canyon that is being fought by the National Park Service. Photo: Mel Melson/Los Angeles Times/MCT

The Grand Canyon is facing the biggest threat in its history, the Park Service says of proposed development. It could be disastrous to the park's fragile ecology and water supply.

Newsela | Satellites beam "Dr. Who" to movie theaters, and show the future

The anniversary episode of the British TV show came to movie theaters in the U. Theaters now see themselves showing more than movies.

Newsela | Endangered African elephants get a helping hand from President Obama

White House bans ivory sales in move to combat elephant poaching.