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Yoga performance specialist Katherine Roberts, who works with golfers as well as major league baseball teams, offers a short program if you'd like to start using yoga poses to improve your golf game.

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Tiger woods golf swing. Watch how tiger just drops his arms straight down as if they are lifeless. Then once he reaches the slot position he accelerates the club head using his weight shift to his left side.

According to Tiger Woods, it is integral to take a divot to ensure the best iron shot possible. To do this and strike the ball well, he advocates, "Try shallowing out your backswing -- swinging a little more around you. That sets up a shallower angle into the ball and a long, thin divot. It also helps if you turn the knuckles of your top hand to the ground through impact. This is a clear sign that you're compressing the ball, trapping it between the clubface and the turf, which will result…