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The eye is a different color, but this reminds me of Allen Walker when his left eye is stabbed by Road Kamelot with a candle.

What are friends for                     (Star vs the forces of evil)

What are friends for (Star vs the forces of evil)

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Like the composition..

Ooo Ooo, Get a real mirror, scrap away the reflective surface like this, make it like a shadow box with flickering lights inside, and cover your scrapped away area with two way mirror so that the lights don't show but the picture does.

Artworks by Saccharine Strychnine – Saccstry

Saccharine Strychnine – Saccstry This style is very pretty yet seems a bit creepy at the same time.

strillo_2008's media

Trevor Brown’s bizarre and slightly disturbing paintings of young asian girls have stirred up controversy amongst the more conservative elements of the art world and the internet