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California . Somewhere between here and there.

Here, we’ll report on the trails that we are responsible for & what’s going on with them. If you would like to go out other than a “non official work day”, please click on the trail & it will bring up the emails for the persons that need to be aware (trail coordinator & Pisgah rangers). Thanks!

US Postal Service Joins in Federal Ammo Purchases | Vision to America

Lost Tribes of Israel: Indian Families Make Aliya - Inside Israel - For nearly 2,700 years a tribe called the Bnei Menashe in India has maintained their Jewish roots. They believe they are part of the lost tribes of Israel, and now many are returning to their ancient homeland. - CBN News - Christian News 24-7 -

Republican Elephant Mascot Arms Crossed Shield Car Trucker Hat. 2016 American elections trucker hat with an illustration of an American Republican GOP elephant mascot arms crossed wearing a stars and stripes top hat and suit viewed from front set inside a shield on isolated background done in cartoon style. #americanelections #elections #vote2016 #election2016 #VoteAmerica #Decision2016

Frank Gaffney states, “With this policy study, the Center intends to catalyze national awareness about Shariah and the peril America faces absent informed and concerted action to confront and defeat the agenda of all who support the encroachment of this alien legal system at the expense of established U.S. law and traditions.”

Is DC Going to Get Trucked This Weekend? - Ride for the Constitution Rolls Into Town in Just 2 Days Read more at

Geneticists View Life From A Twisted Perspective Trucker Hat #geneticists #view #life #twistedperspective #geek #humor #genes #genetics #molecularbiology #biology #funny #sciencehumor #wordsandunwords Here's a cap featuring DNA replication along with the following wry biological saying: "Geneticists View Life From A Twisted Perspective".

denim levis true.. #NationalRecordsOffice…

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