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Oh how super pretty and fun is this wonderful Christmas Tree Craft? Makes you want to burst out into "Oh Christmas Tree" song, does it not? A great way to use up all those sticks the kids like to drag… More

Chicken pineapple skewers. Oh look! It’s my annual chicken on a skewer recipe. Why does chicken on a stick taste so much better than chicken baked in a dish in the oven?! The world may never know. But no matter what, I will try to figure it out every.single.year. at this time. See also: Chili garlic chicken skewers …

Someone thinks me a target. lol Funny thing is I go by a general rule. Let them out enough rope, never let your assumptions or senses be discovered but wait. Where would be the justice of judging someone until the proof is obtained in evidence. Went to even medically help this person, but in the night they plot and I saw it in the eye. I'm looking like a sheep to them. Deep impacted rot for brains, they have. Felt the monster from the cavern of his filthy thoughts. Actions he will make soon.

Just imaging him looking at Phil like this...oh wait. He does LITERALLY ALL THE TIME CAUSE PHIL IS A LITTLE ANGEL BEAN HOW COULD YOU NOT LOVE HIM

(Open rp) i walk along the road trying to balance on the curb, my face scrunched up in concentration and my tongue sticking out, it's a wonder my earbuds didn't fall out, i stick my arms out straight and realize how rediculous I look but oh well there's no one here anyway...suddenly I hear a voice "what.are you doing?" I guess I was wrong about no one being here (open rp)

*hooman picks up stick* "Sir, I believe you have the wrong package." "Huh? Oh, my bad. They all look so similar, ya know?" "It's a fucking stick. How the hell does that look similar to a big, black suitcase?"

Love a velvet lip! Youniques velvety smooth lip stick in Swanky will have your lips kissing in no time! #youniqueloveslips

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