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Greek Yogurt Chocolate Mousse

Greek Yogurt Chocolate Mousse. A light and healthy alternative to cream chocolate mousse and a good source or protein!

Ceramic Ornament Tea Bag Ornament with Life by Dprintsclayful

Awwwww.......I need j.k to write another seven book series on the adventures of ron, hermione, harry, ginny, and dracos children!

Having a dog will bless you with the happiest days of your life, and one of the worst days.

Moonlight Sonata listening, waiting, for your safe return home. I miss you severely, and rely upon bitter sweet memories meeting, greeting, only to say goodbye. Tonight a full moon brings you full circle to finally arrive and leave my arms no longer. Together, we go forward as one, never to separate individually ever again. You are my life and I am yours. You complete me and somehow I do the same for you!

Drink Up

Strawberry and Basil – This is my favourite surprisingly. You wouldn’t necessarily think basil will taste nice in water, but it actually does. It’s light, refreshing and has a lovely sweet taste from the strawberries. Lemon, Blackberry & Rosemary – A little more on the bitter side but still delicious and the rosemary gives it that slightly more fragranced taste. Raspberry and Mint – Another favourite of mine! Anything with mint in it will always be a winner as it’s just so fresh and summe

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Fall pizza with pumpkin

Pizza with Pumpkin.

London based Steve Gallagher is a still life photographer with a very graphic and minimal style. His photographs are all about showcasing a single product in its glory. Color is a key ingredient in his distinct style. Gallagher shoots for some of the best advertising agencies and magazines in the UK. #pill