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Family Guy's Peter Griffin FTW!

Funny pictures about Genius strategy. Oh, and cool pics about Genius strategy. Also, Genius strategy photos.

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Family Guy star Peter Griffin fakes a soccer injury like Real Madrid soccer star Cristiano Ronaldo! What a pussy!

It is actually a crime to put pineapple on pizza in Iceland so


Peter Griffin is the oft drunk patriarch of his family but he is thwarted by his toddler son and is not respected by his kids.

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When i think of peter these words come to ma head: moron. Most stupid person in da universe

Stewie Griffin strikes again. I always do this when Family Feud is on

Stewie Griffin strikes again. I love the part where Peter Griffin had a long-ass answer about Captain Picard's flute. And he muttered, "I was in the survey.

Not sure if stupid or Peter. And that's not even sensible cuz the two are the same :))

Just Peter being Peter. Peter and Brian run into a mirror, Lucky there's a family guy

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What is ducking anyway? I mean how is it so common that autocorrect automaticity changes it to ducking?