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Sagittarius: November 23 -December 21. Sagittarians are energetic and naturally outgoing, achieving each goal through positive thinking. These "archers" seek knowledge and wisdom and never tire of the quest for what is yet to come. Challenges keep a Sagittarian's spirit thriving, and once met, a target is set for the next goal, and the next. Astrologers believe that being born under this fire sign gives Sagittarians the gift of providence - that luck protects them.

Vervain~ The Witches Herb. Love, Protection, Purification, Peace, Money, Youth, Chastity, Sleep. Healing. Empowers any magick, especially love spells. Enhances the dreaming process and is recommended for dream quests. Used to consecrate and empower any ritual tools. Protects from negative emotions and depression. Used in house and home blessings. Turns back negativity.

The Grail Maiden (Elaine) Dante Gabriel Rossetti Oil on canvas, 1874 Elaine of Corbenic was a lover of Lancelot and mother of Galahad.

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The Kingdom of Heaven Suffereth Violence and the Violent Take it by Force by Evelyn de Morgan (1878) De Morgan Centre. This painting takes its title from the Matthew 11:12 and is an allegory of the journey of the soul from its earth-bound body, to the spirit world of the spheres. The spirit must free itself from the physical and move toward unity with the Great Spirit. (De Morgan was a Spiritualist.)

Bindrune for Protection. Reclaimed roofing slate hand carved and cold pressed Red Ocher oil paint.

Only where the state ends, there begins the human being who is not superfluous: there begins the song of necessity, the unique and inimitable tune