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Opening up The Vista can be done in seconds.

5 Second of Summer Fan Art for Iphone and Samsung Galaxy Case (iPhone 5/5s black) Band

M I C H A E L . C L I F F O R D . D I S C O N N E C T E D. For @katbug16 If you guys want to request please do so I can put u on the list?? Thanks

L U K E . H E M M I N G S . T E R R I B L E . T H I N G S. For @deluca0750 Sorry is you don't really like it. I was listening to Terrible Things by Mayday Parade and I felt the need to. Ashton's imagines are next. Soon, not now. But sure as hell will be soon. How many likes can I get on this post??? I love you, my bananas

ACTION FILM ALPHABET | a) Air Force One; b) Bad Boys; c) Con Air; d) Die Hard; e) Expendables; f) Face Off; g) Gone in 60 Seconds; h) Hot Fuzz; i) Independence Day; j) Jack Reacher; k) Kickboxer; l) Lethal Weapon 3; m) Mission Impossible; n) Nikita; o) Ocean's 11; p) Point Break; q) Quantum of Solace; r) Rush Hour; s) Sherlock Holmes; t) Top Gun; u) Under Siege; v) Volcano; w) Waterworld; x) xXx; y) You only live twice; z) Zero Dark Thirty |