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Two horned African White endangered rhino grazin Where in the world you get the best animal safari other than the Maasai Mara country? Description from animals-safaris.blogspot.pt. I searched for this on bing.com/images

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Sumatran Rhino    There are fewer than 250 mature Sumatran rhinos left in Malaysia and Indonesia. The Sumatran rhino is hunted for its horn, which is used in traditional medicines.

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A Saturday, June 2012 photo released by International Rhino Foundation, female Sumatran rhino named Ratu walks with her newly-born calf at Sumatran Rhino in Way Kambas National Park in Lampu. known captivity birth of this species in 123 years.

Rhinos photo by Nigel Pravitt

A Family of White Rhinos .incredible horn (on preserves they're kept short to keep the animals safer from poachers) ☆·.

Rhinoceros: My horns look like an upside down eagle's beak! White rhinos are the second largest land mammal and their name comes from the Afrikaan’s, a West Germanic language, word “weit” which means wide and refers to the animal’s muzzle. Also known as the square-lipped rhinoceros, white rhinos have a square upper lip with almost no hair. The majority (98.8%) of white rhinos occur in just four countries: South Africa, Namibia, Zimbabwe, and Kenya.

Rhinoceros: My horns look like an upside down eagle's beak! White rhinos are the…

A female white rhino and her calf.  Mweiga, Solio, Kenya  © Nigel Pavitt

A female white rhino and her calf - Mweiga, Solio, Kenya, Africa - © Nigel Pavitt

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A group of white rhino meeting at a waterhole, Lewa Wildlife Conservancy, north Kenya.

saw them at the wilds! so cute.

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Ch. 1,Scene 2. -- Casperella explained that she was helping the World Wildlife Federation put a stop to the illicit rhino horn trade. She showed Gordon the horn in her purse and a photo of the animal it came from. After securing Gordon's services she left him with a dossier containing leads on various suspects for him to gather intel on. ---- (Continued on Melting Mannequins, Take Two board.)

Where rhino horns come from. Will you help stop the rhino horn trade? Do you have any info that will help Gordon solve the case?

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The large majestic, loving and ferocious rhinoceros is a calm animal until agitated just like kanye west