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God must be often like this when He looks at us

Brésil-Allemagne: les blagues les plus drôles du Web sur le 7-1 de cette demi-finale de Coupe du monde

aether electricity - Google Search

Article: 8 ways to spot emotional manipulation. Good article but keep in mind manipulation doesn't have to be spot on like this, it can come in different variations and degrees.

Check "24" - 6 Days 2 Hours.  I didn't binge-watch it but I did watch it all in 6 months last year in anticipation of its return. Don't Miss "24: Live Another Day" Mon. May 5th at 8pm on Fox

This Binge-Watching Chart Might Save Your Life

Nielsen infographic shows how long it takes to binge-watch popular tv shows.


Horrifying Japanese Urban Legends

Funny pictures about Horrifying Japanese Urban Legends. Oh, and cool pics about Horrifying Japanese Urban Legends. Also, Horrifying Japanese Urban Legends photos.

Hypatia of Alexandria

Hypatia of Alexandria was literally torn to pieces by a "Christian" mob who loved her so much that they wanted to save her from Hell. Beware of Christians who say they love you. Remember, Hypatia died for your sins

Children inheriting the sins of their ancestors goes directly against the principles of liberty inherent to the  US Constitution. But somehow this is a Christian nation founded upon the principles of Christianity. So, ew. Read a book, damn it.

Cherry picking the Bible and what "god" says while ignoring all the OTHER things "god" says

The Wedding Day ghost photo taken in 1942 in Jasper Alabama. The picture as taken to commemorate the wedding day of the woman in the photo. The lady in the photo even has a distorted face. Love this photo.

This is creepy ! The Wedding Day ghost photo, taken in 1942 in Jasper, Alabama. The picture was taken to commemorate the wedding day of the woman in the photo. This is one grumpy spirit.

Poker Face Meme – Math Class

An extensive collection of Poker Face Memes - New and Old Poker Face Memes with new submissions being added all the time.

After ALL the Dates!

So glad when I finally felt comfortable enough to fart in front of John haha that was a painful time

My God does not need me to kill for Him if He wants you dead He will do it Himself. He told me thou shall not kill.

"If your religion is worth killing for, please start with yourself.every religion has bad blood. If you believe killing you are not Christian muslim Jewish etc. No religion endorses violence