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Photo of a virus. The virus consists of a head (normally full of double-stranded DNA), a tail tube, a baseplate at the end of the tail tube and thin tail fibers attached to the base plate. The particle at the lower right has lost its DNA.

Scientists Use Nanoscale Building Blocks and DNA 'Glue' to Shape 3D Superlattices

from Live Science

Photos: Amazing Tech Inspired by the Octopus

Photos: Amazing Tech Inspired by the Octopus swimming bot

Japan's Robear Lifts Sick From Bed: Photos : Discovery News


Nightmare Spiders Are Real


A genetic blueprint of influenza virus

from WIRED

The 16 Best Science Visualizations of 2011

Ebola virus electron micrograph deconstruction


Hair On Tomato Seeds! And Other Science Visualizations

HIV. The gray is the host cell, and the orange is the virus. I'm fascinated by this stuff!