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Olaudah Equiano (Olauda Ikwuano), also known as Gustavus Vassa


Yahoo7 Lifestyle: Fashion and Beauty, Healthy Living, Parenting, Love and Sex, Food, Horoscopes and more

R2-D2 Battery-Operated Astromech Droid - Made to look vintage, retro-art. #StarWars

The Constitution is a document that in truth constricts a citizen rights and makes them subject to its words. The United States Constitution is a subjugating contract of adhesion that forces all citizens of the U.S. to exchange your true freedom while giving the governing body of elitists control over your life.

Portobello Road, London. Of I ever make it across the pond... I will go to portobello road. #BedKnobs&BroomSticks

Interesting solution to create visual interest and the effect of a lowered ceiling on and exhibition stand.

9 Ways To Advertise On Snapchat #Infographic #Advertising #SocialMedia #Snapchat

9 Ways To Advertise On Snapchat #Infographic

9 Ways To Advertise On Snapchat #Infographic #Advertising #SocialMedia #Snapchat

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