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Africans were captured from their tribes by people (usually part of another tribe) who crept up & either threw a net or clubbed them until they were unconscious then transported the to a fort where they were held ready to be take onto boats by the traders. The slaves were mainly bought by British boats from the African traders and were taken to many countries including parts of South America, and some parts of Asia, but mainly to the United States.

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In his book, The Interesting narrative, Equiano said he was born in an Igbo village in the kingdom of Benin around 1745. When he was about eleven, he was kidnapped along with his sister, and after six months of captivity he was brought to the West African coast. Sold to slave-traders, Equiano was transported to Barbados. After a two-week stay in the West Indies Equiano was taken to the English colony of Virginia.He was renamed Gustavus Vassa, and was beaten until he answered to his new name.

the 1700s, a Large Percentage of the Enslaved in New York Came from Jamaica Between 1700 and 1774, the British imported between 6,800 and 7,400 Africans to the colony of New York. It was cheaper for New York slave traders to import directly from Africa than to buy enslaved Africans from elsewhere. Despite this deep discount, less than 30 percent of the enslaved imported to New York before 1741 came directly from Africa. Nearly all of the rest came from the English sugar islands of Barbados…