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...The cables and antennas are part of a communication system that will be used when visiting spaceships such as Boeing's Crew Transportation System and Dragon's SpaceX dock with the ISS, the US space agency said in a blog post. Picture: EPA/NASA

Astronaut Anna Fisher: First mother in space. She was a mission specialist on NASA STS-51A launched November 8, 1984.

SPACE TOPIC. Original Pin: A close-up of Astronaut John Grunsfeld shows the reflection of Astronaut Andrew Feustel, perched on the robotic arm and taking the photo. The pair teamed together on three of the five spacewalks during Servicing Mission 4 in May 2009.

Space Helmet, Extravehicular Visor Assembly, John F. Kennedy Space Center [NASA], Florida, U.S.A., 2011. photo: Vincent Fournier

One who ventures into unknown or unclaimed territory to settle. 2. One who opens up new areas of thought, research, or development: a pioneer in aviation. 3.

awesome. It's amazing that God gave us the ability to figure out how to go to space, praise Him our good God!