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Middle 19-th century Oriental fascination

Canopic jar cover of white limestone, carved as the head of the jackal Duamutef: Ancient Egyptian, from Thebes, Upper Egypt, New Kingdom, c. 1550 - 1069 BC

Ankhnesneferibre was an ancient Egyptian princess and priestess during the 26th Dynasty, daughter of pharaoh Psamtik II and his queen Takhuit. She held the charges of Divine Adoratrice of Amun and later God's Wife of Amun for a very long time, overall between 595 to 525 BCE, thus during the reigns of Psamtik II, Apries, Amasis II and Psamtik III and until the Achamenid conquest of Egypt.

Textile tools from Ancient Egypt

Weavers, Tomb of Khnumhotep, Egyptian, Middle Kingdom, ca. 1897–1878 B.C. This facsimile painting copies part of a scene in the tomb of Khnumhotep (tomb 3) at Beni Hasan. The scene depicts a group of weavers. The women at the right are plying linen thread and the two at the left are weaving cloth on a ground loom. Learn more:

Coffin of queen, probably a "Great Royal Wife", found at Qurna - Royal Museum of Edinburgh -

STAR GATE: A CITY ON EARTH (NOW CALLED EGYPT) The history of ancient egypt predynastic..