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A recipe for light, and fluffy choc-chip pancakes, accompanied by poached pears for an extra kick of fruit

Have potatoes had their chips?

Down the tuber? … A mix of potato varieties. Photograph: Alamy

Easy recipes for apple pancakes

Easy recipes for apple pancakes.

Make Better Homemade Brownies by Avoiding These Common Mistakes

6 Common Mistakes People Make when Baking Brownies - Bon Appétit

The Science Behind Baking the Most Delicious Cookie Ever

How to make the best cookie (biscuit) ever, using science.

Nigel Slater’s cooked apple recipes

Stewed for breakfast or cooked in pastry, apples are among our favourite and most versatile fruits of the season

Peaches Were Domesticated in China 7,500 Years Ago

Peaches Were Domesticated in China Years Ago | Smart News | Smithsonian

apple pie recipe

Scratch Pancakes

Scratch Pancakes - a Starbucks recipe.

Nutella Chocolate Cake

Note to self - cake: used c brewed coffee instead of water / my icing: 1 c butter, c shortening, 3 c powdered sugar, c nutella, 1 c peanut butter, 2 tsp vanilla, pinch salt, 3 tbsp heavy cream. / ganache: dark choc instead of semisweet