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Woman Writes An Open & Emotional Letter To Whoever Abandoned The Dog She Rescued

Can you imagine what a dog feels like after they are abandoned by the people they consider as family? It must be very confusing for the poor dogs. It’s such a heartbreaking scene watching the abandoned dogs roaming around, probably …

They Thought They Were All Alone In The World. They Were Wrong.

For the love of animals. Pass it on.Dumped at a shelter. all they ad was each other until some loving humans took over.

They are abandoned, scared, and alone and need you. Look into your heart and help in anyway you can. Donate, adopt, volunteer.....

Is this adorable dog with a high forehead the cutest puppy EVER? Twitter thinks so

I love it I love it so much I love too much I'm gonna dye of a rare case of smileocice More

Palm Beach County bans dog, cat sales at new pet stores in effort to clamp down on puppy mills - Sun Sentinel