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50 Best Funny Minion Quotes by Kardemon

Omf so true,I go to a Christian school and this one bich was talkin shit about my friends and controlling this boy and I called her a little devil Bc it's not I can call her a bitch and not get in trouble.s I didn't get in trouble 🤗😏

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Uggghh this happened to me when I was being sarcastically mean to some one and I felt bad so I typed 'just so you now I do like you, your nice' and it auto corrected to just so you know I like you your cute. And I was like AHHHHH I did NOT mean to type that

I took a pic of a friend and meant to type 'the devil inside of Alexis' Auto correct thought I should type the development inside of Alexis. Because apparently developments are inside of people now, good to know auto correct

Minion Quotes

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