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The china one, patrick one, and the one about the guy in blue.. Me..

10 Fresh Single Memes. #1 When Parents Ask You Why You're Still Single.

Everyone else is so stressed out about my single status. I think people in relationships are more stressed out about single people's status than single people are.

I want to make a movie that does the opposite of these things. And also has a girl heroine that wears sweatpants while beating the crap out of the bad guys. It would/will be great.

Funny pictures about Movie logic. Oh, and cool pics about Movie logic. Also, Movie logic.

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I have a shuffle board Court in my basement

Big surprise under the carpet // funny pictures - funny photos - funny images - funny pics - funny quotes - AWESOME

people, eat GIF

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Brainwashed kid

Brainwashed kid

hahahha so true

Hide n Seek funny memes games jokes meme lol comedy hilarious humor lmao hide n seek

True life

The realities of math class. This was my reality with math from middle school through college. Maybe once all my kids are in school I should take a math class and sharpen my skills.

When she grilled all your life choices on a weekly basis.

18 Ways Your Mom Tortured You And Called It Love